Customer feedback

Customer feedback is key to continuing to evolve our solution. We strive to collect them regularly so that our tool remains in touch with business needs. Here are some extracts.

Original problem and objective

When the ABCKPI teams contacted me, my first priority was not to acquire a tool to dematerialize the management of continuous improvement. We are IATF certified and we break down our processes into indicators in Excel files. It wasn’t optimal but it worked. On the other hand, at each audit, we still had to spend a lot of time collecting data from analyses, exchanges and action plans in order to group them together and present the logic we had followed to the auditors.

I decided to do a test over a few months because the ABCKPI teams suggested it to me and it allowed me to measure by myself the interest or not to adopt an application like theirs.

Situation with ABCKPI: What has changed?

First, updating information is simplified, I no longer waste time with excel bugs or other people simultaneously in the application. And so I save time (and less stress).

Secondly, the way the collaboration is managed makes it easier to involve the teams: Each user can be involved in the analysis and action plans and it is easier to share/explain the strategic vision.

The app is really easy to use, it took me less than a day to figure out how it worked and now I manage my organizations all by myself.

Would you recommend the ABCKPI application to other customers?

Yes, I will do it because it makes my life easier and especially the operators are happy to use it. I am not yet able to evaluate the productivity gains related to the application but there are some.

Easy to handle:

Easy to use:



Productivity gains

Gains in comfort

Quality / price ratio

User Support

I simply manage my management by processes in the application (indicators, objectives, analyses and action plans. But most importantly, the application allows me to better communicate with all the teams and motivate them. Excel was an irritant for all of us and this application makes my life easier.

Industrial Director


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