Customer feedback

Customer feedback is key to continuing to evolve our solution. We strive to collect them regularly so that our tool remains in touch with business needs. Here are some extracts.

Original problem and objective

My original problem was with the action plans. I have many people in the company who are supposed to manage action plans and we manage everything in Excel. Each month before the monthly steering meetings, I had to call each of the managers again and they had to look for the last iteration of the file to fill it in at the last moment. We were wasting a lot of time, especially on my side, since I had to spend a significant amount of time chasing each of the managers. The data was not always up to date, which did not make it easy to facilitate the meetings

Situation with ABCKPI: What has changed?

Working with a continuous improvement application (i.e. without Excel) is much more comfortable and efficient for us. Managers fill in the information directly in the tool in a much more user-friendly environment than in Excel. I waste a lot less time re-launching and searching for the right information. The time when everyone saw the difference was during last year’s internal audit because in the past we spent a very tense week of preparation gathering information useful for the auditor, whereas now all the history is stored and we can focus on the important points of the audit preparation.

Would you recommend the ABCKPI application to other customers?

Yes, I would recommend the application to companies with existing processes that are looking for ways to continue saving time and comfort.

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User Support

My action plans are centralized in a single tool and I can link them to my indicator tracking. This is a real plus for me because I was wasting a lot of time searching and making sure the information was up to date.

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