Our answers to the expectations of IT departments

We are 100% concerned by the challenges of IT departments and we have been working for several years with many of them to meet their challenges.
We meet the expectations of CIOs on issues of data hosting, compliance with standards, ability to integrate into complex architectures and infrastructures, application sustainability or return on investment of the application.

Secure hosting

The data collected by the application, its access, rights control, hosting and storage are secured to avoid any intrusion attempt.  Our data is hosted by Google in Germany.

Security is part of the DNA of Google data centers.  Custom servers are created and teams are responsible for 24/7 security. Strong measures for the continuity of
operations and disaster recovery have also been implemented, such as the automatic transfer of data in case of failure to another google site in order to allow the continuation of
work without interruption or the existence of emergency generators
to supply the sites on a permanent basis.

ISO   22301:2019 certified supplier.

High level of data encryption

The data is encrypted with 3 levels of encryption.

If you need more information on the subject we are able to detail our policy on data security. You should also know that we have already passed the tests of major French groups.

The data belongs to you and is recoverable in less than a day

The data used in the application belongs to you and will always belong to you. If you wish to break the contract with us, we will return your data in the desired format so that you can use it again as soon as possible

An application that can be easily interfaced with other tools

We have opened our APIs, this means that you can connect any tool to our application via scripts (import or export).

A simplified setting and taking of the application

We designed the application to be simple. Our users are able to learn the application in less than a day. It is therefore no longer necessary to invest in the training of a single person or a referent, the tool is accessible to all types of profiles.

A support team present at all times to assist you

Our teams are available 7 days a week to help you with integration, training or new developments. We are aware that support is key in our industry and we have chosen to be very present on the subject

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Collaboration in ABCKPI

Share with your teams the key data on their scope, bring up the analysis of the results to contextualize the data and distribute responsibilities clearly among all.