The plateform to monitor continuous improvement and activity accessible to any type of company

Based on industry best practices, ABCKPI allows you to centralise dashboards, KPI analysis, target setting and action plans in a single platfome, easy to configure, flexible and affordable.


Centralise KPIs, targets and action plans in a single web based application built to avoid data recollection, duplicates, loss of information or other classical factors in the loss of time

Gap analysis and collaboration

Together we go further. Develop people engagement and collaborative working to solve problems

Action plans

The secret of performance improvement? Measure and monitor the impact of your action plans on KPIs


Map your processes, define your KPIs and create your dashboards in a few clics ! Define targets to be reached and quickly identify gaps Automatise data collection (API, Excel import, connectors, …) No need to have a 6 month training to configurate the application, it was built to be simple enough so that anyone can quickly administrate it.Compare the periodic result to targets and to historical results at a glance

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Analysis / comments

Some collaborative workspaces are included in dashboards to make sure anyone can participate in the data understanding and contextualisation process Analysis are sorted by KPI and by period so that you can access historical events easily during a monthly review or an audit

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Action plan

Liaise some action plans to your KPIs and reach your targets. Name someone responsible for each action plan and montinor success. Evaluate impact of an action plan on a KPI and track passed and current actions to make sure you can benefit from people’s experience inside the company.

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Discover ABCKPI main functionalities in a 3min video :

After more than 10 years advising companies in operational excellence and KPIs management, I understood that the only IT tools for continuous improvement leaders were too expensive, too complex and too long to implement This is where ABCKPI was born : digitalise your continuous improvement basics (indicators, targets and action plans) at the right price and with simplicity

Matthieu Hommell

ACBKPI co-founder

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You are not alone! According to a study made by the French Government and the French National Accounting Association, 50% of the small and medium companies only regularly monitor Turnover and cash. With ABCKPI, you can go on at your own pace, creating first dashboards for the core indicators and then for the other important drivers of your business Moreover, if you do not know how to start, our performance experts are able to assist you in the cartography of your activity and in the definition/review of the set of your KPIs

Yes everything can be done with Excel! But do you track time spent to identify and correct bugs? or to collect and input data? Send the correct spreadsheet to the right person ? Make sure that data is uptodate? With ABCKPI, you keep all the advantages of Excel when it comes to creating indicators and dashboards and you benefit from the advantages of a web based modern application.

The basic ABCKPI offer is 199€/month and matches with a standard usage of a small company: 10 dashboards, 200 indicators and access for 30 users. Moreover, no integration is mandatory for the implementation, you do not have necessarily to plan addtionnal fees.

ABCKPI is adaptable to you data policy and it is able to take it where it is located. API, connectors, spreadsheet import, manual inputs or combined solutions : ABCKPI helps you to take the better of your data whatever the means to reach it.