Enjoy an IT application without a substantial budget and without IT expertise ? It is now possible to save a lot of time! Facilitate continuous improvement implementation inside your company with ABCKPI.

No need to be an IT expert : Continuous improvement is before all a human experience.

You have a mature process ? You question yourself about acquiring an IT tool ? But you are scared that it becomes a complex project implying difficulties to integrate and configure ? Do not worry any longer! ABCKPI was designed to be easy to use and an quick to implement. You only need one day to implement the application. Our clients manage to take fully in hand the application and sucessfuly create dashboards matching with their needs.

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A clear pricing and adapted to the needs of quality directors, continuous improvement managers and operational excellence leaders.

We built several price offers to match with the needs of companies depending on their size or sectors. We also allow a progressive adoption of the IT solution.

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Access data on a computer, on a tablet or on your phone: the app is responsive

You can access ABCKPI from many devices to save time and to be aware of what happens in the company wherever you are located.

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Discover ABCKPI main functionalities in a 3min video :

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